Do tennis players get to keep the trophy?

Do tennis players get to keep the trophy?

Tennis is an exciting sport, and the trophies and awards given to the professional players who win tournaments are prestigious and highly sought after. But do the players get to keep the trophies they win or do they have to return them?

The answer, it turns out, is a little complicated. Generally speaking, the trophies are usually not kept by the players, but instead are kept by the tournament or governing body that presented them. This means that the player does not get to keep the trophy, but will receive a replica or miniature of the trophy as a keepsake.

However, there are some exceptions. For example, the French Open gives a replica trophy to the champion, but allows them to take the original home with them. The same is true for the US Open. In these cases, the player does get to keep the trophy. Of course, the player is expected to return the trophy for the following year's tournament.

In the end, it all depends on the tournament or governing body. Some may allow players to keep the trophy while others may not. So while the trophies won in tennis tournaments are certainly prestigious, they are not always something the player can keep.

Tennis has always been considered a sport of prestige, with the biggest tournaments awarding some of the most coveted prizes in sport. But do tennis players get to keep the trophy they win? The answer is a bit complicated.

What Kind of Trophy Does a Tennis Player Receive?

The most well-known tennis trophy is the Singles Championship Cup, which is awarded to the winner of the singles tournament at the four Grand Slam tournaments: the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open. This trophy is usually a large, silver cup, and is awarded to the winner of the tournament. However, this trophy is not kept by the players, but instead is kept by the tournament sponsor.

Do Tennis Players Get to Keep Any Trophy?

Yes, some tennis players do get to keep the trophy they win. For example, the winner of the singles tournament at the ATP Tour Finals (the year-end championship for men’s professional tennis) is awarded the Billie Jean King Trophy. This trophy is kept by the player as a personal souvenir.

Do Tennis Players Get Anything Else For Winning?

In addition to the trophy, tennis players also receive a monetary prize for winning a tournament. The amount varies depending on the tournament, but for the four Grand Slam tournaments, the winner usually receives around $3 million. Other tournaments may have smaller prizes, but the money earned from a single tournament can add up quickly.

Are There Other Rewards for Tennis Players?

Besides the trophy and the prize money, tennis players also receive points in the ATP and WTA rankings for winning a tournament. These points are used to determine the world's top players and can lead to further rewards, such as invitations to future tournaments and sponsorship deals.


Tennis players may not get to keep the trophy they win at a tournament, but they certainly receive other rewards, such as prize money, ranking points, and potentially future invitations and sponsorship deals. All of these rewards make the game of tennis both exciting and rewarding for professional players.